We enable leaders and their organizations to engage in a human, societal and environmental transformation in order to reconcile purpose, impact and performance.

As leaders we know that a successful transition is not a revolution. It relies on existing resources, taking into account the financial and operational situation of the company. It underlies the need to reconcile, re-orient and redefine new paradigms with determination and subtlety. Only then do we create the adhesion and reinforce the cohesion within the company. The enthusiasm and the commitment of the employees is an essential success factor.

So that companies have a positive and sustainable impact to the world.

New purpose


of consumers state that they choose brands based upon their societal impact


of students would refuse a job if the company is not sufficiently committed to an ESG program


of C suite members and investors think that ESG programs will contribute to the valuation of companies


of the French Very Small Size Companies


of the French Small and Medium Size Companies


of the French Intermediate Size Companies

have launched an ESG program.

For tomorrow, a business model centered and organized, technically and culturally on:

Short term goals

Long term goals

Planet and people
as unlimited resources

People and planet

The search for profit
at the expense of meaning

The search for purpose with profit as a consequence

Purpose becomes a structural commitment

meaneo inspires and enables leaders and their organizations to engage in human, societal and environmental transformation to reconcile purpose, impact and performance.

To anchor this transformation in the heart of the operations and life of the company, we work on three structural pillars :

  • Confirmation of the sincere commitment of the leaders and their teams
  • Alignment of governance and strategy with the new ambition and purpose
  • Integration of all stakeholders in this journey

meaneo is a benefit corporation according to French law and B Corp pending. Our purpose is to ‘contribute to a world where companies have a positive and sustainable impact on people, society and the environment’.

Our mission carries following objectives :

  • Over 50% of our customers have to observe a positive impact created by their companies on one of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations
  • 10% of our net income will be used to finance companies, associations or NGOs that contribute to a positive impact
  • 5% of the working time of our Impact Enablers is dedicated pro-bono to entrepreneurs, non-profit associations and NGOs who are developing a project or activity that has a positive impact on the world

At meaneo we demonstrate courage by creating a new and demanding model, against the opportunistic approaches. We go out of our comfort zones driven by finance considerations, to place profit as a consequence and not a primary goal. For the customers, the very same courage is displayed when they decide to reorient all or parts of their companies’ initiatives towards contributing to a better world.


Perseverance transforms a brave act into long term energy. Perseverance needs to be associated with courage so that the whole engaged community achieves its objectives.


Globalization and the resulting deregulation, successive crises, digitalization of society distancing humanity from itself. Regaining awareness and taking care of our own humanity and its surroundings is a value that may seem obvious. At meaneo, this value functions as a shared watchword between the company, employees and customers.


At meaneo, the exercice of power is not an end in itself, but a means to serve the mission of the company. Thus, the president is appointed by the assembly of shareholders for only two years.

Engagement Committee

The Engagement Committee is an operational body whose main objective is to ensure the respect of the purpose and the mission of meaneo, before any answer is given to significant customer requests or to the launch of new missions.

Advisory Board

meaneo has established an advisory board made up of thought leaders. It will help to increase its impact in a co-constructive approach while sharing and confronting best practices, experiences and observations.

President, Strategy & Value Proposition

Valérie Baschet

Valerie is usually described by her team as a leader who cares. She assesses her own performance by the level of engagement of her teams around a vision and a strategy along with how she led them to a common success. After more than 10 years leading commercial divisions and a strategic business unit of a mutibillion US company, Valerie has decided to dedicate her time to what she does best: helping leaders find their own solutions, growing in humanity and coherence, with people recognised as the core value and engine of an organization. A Graduate of HEC Paris, she has significant international experience having directly managed teams in North America, Asia and Europe. She has lived in Taiwan, Germany, Dubai, Hong Kong and Switzerland.
Services & Delivery

Philippe Garcia

A graduate in Law and with 30 years of experience in the public and private sector, Philippe has worked for more than 17 years in major players in the Social and Solidarity Economy in managerial positions in charge of strategy, transformation and operational performance. Phillippe has previous held positions including General Manager of a consulting firm in strategy and IS management and as a multi-country leader of a digital service company for the public sector. Philippe has also supported and advised multiple companies on their transformation plans. This experience has forged his conviction that beyond the need for a vision, execution is key for a successful transformation. Philippe is now advising leaders who want to reconcile financial performance and global responsibility.
Mission & Engagement

Philippe Malavaud

Philippe is passionate about human adventure. After a successful career in France and Europe in different functions, he has led Business Units for key players in the IT industry (HP in particular). This has provided him with significant experience of multicultural environments, working modes, functional expertise in complex environments, while operating turnarounds. In addition to his professional activity, Philippe has been through a personal transformation path within an NGO. Based on this experience, he is convinced that an organizational transformation starts with an authentic engagement from the leader. All these experiences have developed his coaching capabilities, be it previously with his teams or now with the leaders he is working with. Philippe a graduate of INSA Lyon and is trained by the Academie du Coaching.

Laurent Hutin

Engineer graduated from the Ecole des Mines de Nancy, Laurent worked for nearly 20 years in the energy field with various approaches: traditional energies but also energy recovery from waste and renewable energies (solar, geothermal). He has worked across the entire value chain, from design studies to the management of thermal systems, including the construction of equipment and infrastructure. This allowed him to know very varied contexts, from SMEs to big corporations, from France to international. He extended this experience with servicing companies, not only to the benefit of their performance but also to the benefit of the quality of life at work and the environment. Laurent has experience in entrepreneurship, with the creation of 4 "intrapreneurship" companies, while creating or merging existing entities, before becoming a self-employed entrepreneur.
Laurent discovered the executive business coaching of leaders through his engagement in associations, before making it his full-time activity.

Vincent Rivière

A graduate of INSA Lyon and trained in various methods of supporting employees (EQ-i, HumanSide, BoardStrat, etc.), Vincent has been able to reconcile his interest in the well-being and commitment of teams and his refined knowledge from the corporate world (Large groups, mid-sized companies, SMEs). He has worked in various functions (CEO, COO, Manager of major transformation projects, etc.) in various sectors (Banking, IT Services, Health Services, Consulting, Retail, etc.) and is now dedicated to supporting those who, like him, wish to reconcile meaning, performance and openness to the world in very pragmatic constructive approaches. Combining management, coaching, consulting and analytical skills, his experience makes him particularly adept at supporting organizations undergoing change.
Strategy & Business Development

Didier Sensey

With commercial degrees (ESIG, HEC Cesa), Didier is passionate about entrepreneurship and innovation. During the last 12 years, he has developed NGI to become the leading French company in equipment and digital solutions for medical imaging centers. He is convinced that the success of his organizations was due to the project called « Always Caring », which gave his organization a high reputation in the market, enabled the recruitment of great talents and engaged his employees around a clear and unifying vision, which became the tagline of NGI. Since the sale of his company to a mutual group in 2017, he has been coaching leaders to help them grow and to share with them his experience of aligning meaning, impact and global performance.

Carine Yvin

Engineer and certified coach, Carine has gathered 25 years of experience working for CEOs to improve business performance and work on strategy, organisation design and increasing engagement. She has held strategic and complementary roles as consultant, BU director, deputy GM and Director of Organization Performance, in French medium sized companies as well as in multinational companies. Carine comes with a strong experience in process optimization, change management and corporate strategy, including the design and operational execution of ESG strategies, integrated and aligned with the business ambition. Carine has a strong natural leadership that she uses as a performance lever to develop and gather multi-disciplinary teams engaged to collectively serve a purpose.
Today, she wants to utilize her holistic understanding of companies and her passion for People, to coach leaders towards a sustainable performance ; giving purpose to their ambition; developping engagement and potential of their employees, implementing an adapted organization.

Stéphane Thiollier

A graduate of INSEEC in Sales & Marketing and the Executive MBA at HEC Paris, Stephane is engaged in reconciling sustainable economic performance with purpose and a human performance, in particular by fostering individual and team commitment. After over 20 years as a managing director of international business organizations and multicultural teams, Stéphane has developed a holistic view of companies and has led complex projects in growth, decline, turnaround and merger environments He then chose the entrepreneurial adventure by leading a takeover project through an LBO, then by joining a start-up in the green chemistry sector. Developing both human dynamic and business impact has always been a key focus for Stephane. It is the same focus that is now driving him to coach leaders and their organizations - in a demanding but benevolent way - to enable them to achieve greater consistency and global performance for the company.

Majda Benhebiche

With an accountancy background, Majda is above all a woman of conviction, caring about others and full of energy. Her commitment and curiosity enabled her to evolve and progress for 18 years in major investment banks and in the service sector.
Majda worked in functions around finance and accounting, then moved on to internal control and risk management. She supported managers in their transformation and restructuring plan while respecting human values.
meaneo is a choice that was obvious to her! This is an opportunity to combine her management, analytical and advisory skills with her dynamism for an adventure in which people are at the center of attention. Joining meaneo as Administrative and Finance Manager allows her to be aligned with her values and to give meaning to her mission.

Robert Mornal

A graduate of the University of Paris Diderot (Materials Sciences), Robert is convinced that our purpose is inseparable from an in-depth evolution of our way of living together, of interacting and of collaborating. Throughout his career, he has developed a multidisciplinary competence in project management. His experience extends to all aspects of the operational implementation of the business strategy. He has held many responsibilities within a large digital services company, as a data specialist for more than 17 years, working on consulting and piloting missions for major projects with clients from various sectors (Public, Tourism, Industrial, Luxury, Telecommunications, Banking, Insurance, Retail) and on a wide range of issues before becoming a consultant and interim manager. In this context, over the past seven years, he has notably carried out several missions on complex and high-stakes projects on behalf of large groups in the banking and insurance fields. Robert brings these experiences, his know-how and interpersonal skills as Business Impact Consultant for meaneo.