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From Latin sobrius “who is not drunk” and therefore “sober, temperate” and “who is in his common sense”, “reasonable, reserved”.

The adjective is first used in a figurative way, applied to a person who is balanced, moderate in one area.
Sobriety, in Literature and in Arts applies to what displays balance and simplicity.
For meaneo, going back to sobriety, common sense, a sense of proportion and the essentials, is just fundamental.

How to translate sobriety into action ?

This is the control of one’s communication and the reduction of one’s speech to the essential: “less is more”.
It’s to make the choice of the digital sobriety, by setting a sobre digital ecosystem, however virtuous, enhanced, impactful.

Web eco-design

The web eco-design aimed at reducing the environmental impact of a website through its whole lifecycle, from its building phase to its usage.
The environmental impact of a website is measured by the amount of electricity it needs, its CO2 emissions, its bandwidth requirement or the number of requests to the server.
All these measures will also have an impact on a website performance.

If a website is designed in an environmentally friendly way, it will automatically be lighter. A lighter website will have a better loading time, a better user experience.

meaneo puts web eco-design at the heart of the concept of its website.

The low tech

The low tech is opposed, by definition, to high-tech. These “simple” technologies and know-how are designed with an energy-efficient desire at all stages: production, operation and up to end of life. For this, any low-tech design is based on a life-cycle analysis of the technology and the global warming potential.

In the low tech spirit, there are notions of community, sharing and sustainability.

meaneo in its technological choices, tends towards open source and time-resilient technologies.

Green hosting

Green hosting, or green web hosting, is a web hosting aiming at reducing or eliminating the environmental impact of the service it provides.

Web hosting is very energy intensive. The biggest energy users are currently the data centers of the hosting providers.

We can measure the impact of a hosting provider with its Energy Efficiency Index – the PUE (“Poser Usage Effectiveness) – and with ISO norms (14001 – 50001).

meaneo will select its hosting provider, with specific attention to the respect of these norms and values.

Digital sobriety: labels

meaneo can rely on labels that attest and value ecological commitment.
These labels were created to measure and certify a certain environmental quality.

  • Green Code Lab (Web Eco-design label)
  • Numérique Responsable (Sustainable company label)
  • Wattimpact (Global Energy Impact)
  • Green Web Foundation (Green hosting)


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